MiBed Latex on Pocket

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Size: 2ft 6"
Mattress: Soft
Color: Ronnie Beige

Welcome to MiBed, where innovation meets nature. Our latex adjustable beds combine the unparalleled comfort of natural latex with the convenience and flexibility of an electric bed, offering a sleep experience that's not just restful but also rejuvenating and environmentally friendly. Discover the perfect blend of luxury, health, and sustainability with MiBed.

  • Mattress: Choose from Soft, Medium or Firm
  • Includes MiBed Adjustable Bed Base & Mattress (headboard sold separately)
  • Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

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Bed base shown in Austin Light Grey with Kingston Headboard.


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Mi-Bed supplies the ultimate in luxury and powered adjustable bedroom furniture.



As the UK’s leading supplier of adjustable beds and mattresses with over 50 years of experience, Mi-Bed supplies the ultimate in luxury and powered adjustable bedroom furniture. Designed with durability and comfort in mind.

Beds with Benefits

By changing the incline of the mattress and tailoring it to your body's requirements, an adjustable bed can improve posture and comfort.

VAT Qualifying

If you have a long-term illness or are disabled, you don't have to pay VAT on certain goods and services that you buy in the UK. Please call 028 8788 9244 for more details.

Make it Yours

Choose from a range of different colours and fabrics to make your new bed truly yours. Don't see what you want? Call in-store for more options.

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