FISHbone Oak Fortress Alnwig

Elevate the charm and authenticity of your living area with the captivating chevron-style decors featured in the Natural Touch range. Immerse your home in the enduring elegance of Oak Fortress Alnwig, artfully imbued with delicate hints of grey.

This striking white icy floor not only radiates sophistication and allure but also seamlessly complements underfloor heating, infusing your space with both warmth and comfort. Step into a realm of timeless beauty as the chevron-style patterns of Oak Fortress Alnwig bring a touch of classical opulence to your surroundings.

The subtle interplay of grey undertones adds a modern twist to the traditional charm, creating a flooring masterpiece that resonates with both style and versatility. Embrace the enchantment of Natural Touch's Oak Fortress Alnwig and transform your living space into a haven of refined elegance and inviting warmth.

Pack Size: 2.7m²
Product Code: VA-K4438RH

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