Cotton Origins 8

Introducing the Cotton Origins 8, where luxury meets sustainability in a mattress crafted with care. Cotton, a globally grown resource, sees only 12% certified as sustainable. Hypnos takes pride in sourcing sustainable cotton fillings and cotton yarn for the damask that adorns this exceptional mattress.

This mattress boasts generous layers of cotton, three fleeces of 100% British wool from Red Tractor assured farms, Solotex™, and an eOlus™ sustainable fiber crafted from recycled water bottles. With a no-turn design, the Cotton Origins 8 prioritizes ease of use.

Hypnos' ReActivePro™ pocket springs, engineered with 8 active turns, ensure total body comfort, complemented by Triple Edge Protection™ for true edge-to-edge support.

The finishing touches include a sleep surface made of unbleached cotton and viscose, meeting furniture and safety fire regulations naturally, without the need for synthetic flame-retardants.

Choose from one tension option and revel in the convenience of Zip and Link. The materials used include three fleeces of 100% British Red Tractor wool and Solotex™, responsibly sourced cotton, Swaledale wool, and the innovative eOlus™ recycled fiber comfort pad. The Cotton Origins 8 invites you to experience the pinnacle of comfort and sustainability for a truly restful night's sleep.
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